Books Around The World

A few years ago, a friend of mine came up with this brilliant idea of reading a book from every country in the world. What had started off as a fun year quickly turned into a lifestyle. While I still haven’t read every country, below is a list of one book from each country so far.

The rules:

  • The author must be a native of the country. This is a hard rule to follow since most book lists don’t seem to adhere to it, but in a world full of immigrant stories and eurocentric narratives, I’ve been much more impressed and surprised by what I think of as “authentic voices”, after all, it’s why I wanted to read books from around the world to begin with.
  • The book should preferably be about or set in the country, but this is flexible since I also think that culture has a lot to do with the kinds of fantasy we write eg. Americans and space travel or Asians and mythology.
  • Ancient epics are allowed, but modern day books are preferable.
  • I try to read as many books by women from the countries as possible. They are so hard to find because even the truly fantastic gems don’t end up on most googleable book lists!