Vish Puri: The Case of the Missing Servant

Tarquin Hall's book is a bag in which mixing is happening (Translation: It's a mixed bag). Vish Puri and his compatriots are always talking in the present continuous. Their parts of speech also are all over the place. It's because this is how they talk in Delhi, na! It's all Hinglish, yaar. I am not knowing anyone from Delhi,… Continue reading Vish Puri: The Case of the Missing Servant

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The Bastard of Istanbul, Turkey

The book is as arresting and temerarious as its title. Zehlia is a pierced, mini-skirted and high-heeled rebel living in Istanbul. With unconscious misconceptions about a Muslim-majority country in the Middle East, I was surprised that Turkey is a secular, democratic republic. Its ethos is oddly similar to India. It's difficult for a religious, diverse country to strive to… Continue reading The Bastard of Istanbul, Turkey