5 Books for Independence Day

I wrote most of this on 15th August, I swear. *side eye* Glimpses of World History By Jawaharlal Nehru In 1934, between the World Wars, a man was imprisoned, along with thousands of others, for demanding freedom and equality, even as their oppressors fought major wars with forced conscription by their colonized for what they… Continue reading 5 Books for Independence Day

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Fantastic Beasts: The Harry Potter Prequel We Needed

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows left too many loose ends on Dumbledore's life, because we were only told what Harry needed to know at the time. In one measly, fantastic information dump chapter. Why did Dumbledore place so much faith in the power of love? Why did Dumbledore wait so long to face Grindelwald? "Maybe… Continue reading Fantastic Beasts: The Harry Potter Prequel We Needed


Midnight’s Children

Padma - our plump Padma - is sulking magnificently. (She can't read and, like all fish-lovers, dislikes other people knowing anything she doesn't. Padma: strong, jolly, a consolation for my last days. But definitely a bitch-in-the-manger.) She attempts to cajole me from my desk: 'Eat, na, food is spoiling.' I remain stubbornly hunched over paper.… Continue reading Midnight’s Children